Cupid Shuffle 3.1

Dive into the Dynamic ‘CUPID SHUFFLE 3.1’ WOD!

Hello, Santa Clara Fitness Enthusiasts!

Are you ready to shuffle, jump, and lift your way to an energized day? “CUPID SHUFFLE 3.1” is here, and it’s not just a workout; it’s a celebration of movement and strength. Led by Coach Ilya, this ‘3x for time’ challenge is the perfect mix of cardio and strength training to kickstart your morning.

Your Action-Packed Workout Itinerary:

  • Begin with 100 Jump Ropes to get that heart thumping to the beat of fitness.
  • Move on to 30 Sledges, where every swing brings more power and endurance.
  • Drop down for 20 Pushups – a classic move for timeless strength.
  • Challenge your upper body with 10 Pullups. It’s about pulling your weight, literally!
  • Next, 10 DB Squat & Press for a combo that targets everything from your toes to fingertips.
  • Hit the floor with 10 Deadlifts to lift your spirits and your strength.
  • Cap it off with 5 Sprints to dash across the finish line of this high-energy workout.

Coach Ilya’s expertise and motivational spirit make each round of ‘CUPID SHUFFLE 3.1’ not only challenging but also incredibly fun. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just igniting your fitness journey, this workout is designed for you.

Join us at the Academy of Self Defense at 10 am today. Let’s swing, press, and sprint our way to a day filled with accomplishment and endorphins!