Armistice II

Looking for a workout that will challenge your body and leave you feeling accomplished? Look no further than Armistice II, a high-intensity WOD designed to push your limits and bring out your inner strength. Led by Coach Michael at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, this GRIT class is guaranteed to leave you sweating and smiling.

The workout begins with 20 power jacks, a dynamic exercise that gets your heart rate up and engages your lower body. Then, it’s time for 8 close grip push-ups on the kettlebell, targeting your chest, triceps, and core. Keep that kettlebell handy because you’ll move on to 8 kettlebell tricep extensions, challenging your arm strength and muscular endurance.

Next up, we have 8 mountain climber arms on the kettlebell, a killer move that works your shoulders, core, and coordination. Transitioning to the floor, you’ll perform 8 glute bridge presses, activating your glutes and hamstrings while stabilizing your core. The intensity continues with 8 snatch to windmill movements, combining strength, mobility, and balance.

To target your shoulders and build upper body strength, you’ll perform 8 kettlebell shoulder presses. Finish off the WOD with a burst of power as you unleash 20 jab, cross, hook, kick combinations, incorporating your entire body in a dynamic sequence.

Coach Michael will guide you through each exercise, providing motivation, technique cues, and modifications as needed. This class is open to all fitness levels, so don’t be shy to join in and challenge yourself. It’s time to tap into your strength and embrace the GRIT within you!