Don’t Hate

Mmm, don’t hate this WOD, my friends! It’s gonna work you right up, like a donut in the morning! First thing we gots is 5 overhead kettlebell squats. Ooh, them kettlebells can be heavy, but they makes us strong like a bull!

Next up is 10 4 punch and sprawl, now that’s a real workout, like getting chased by the authority!

15 TRX Flys, this one’s got me feeling like a birdy, flapping my wings and all that!
20 side kicks, mmm, gotta get those legs in shape for when I run away from my problems.
25 kettlebell squat thrusts, I’m huffing and puffing like a steam engine, but it’s all worth it, like a cold Duff beer on a hot summer’s day.
20 power punches, now we’re talking, I’ll show those muscles who’s boss, like a good father should.
15 push ups, mmm, the burn is real, like a hot pizza straight out of the oven.
10 v ups, mmm, abs are burning, but it feels good, like a big belch after a big meal.

And last but not least, 5 pull ups, mmm, gotta work on that upper body, like a strongman lifting weights.

So, don’t hate this WOD, embrace it, and make yourself stronger, like a tree in a storm!