Whiskey #10: What’s in a Number

Are you looking for a challenge that will test your limits and push you to your fullest potential?

Look no further than the Whiskey WOD #10: What’s In A Number? This AMRAP workout will have you sweating and gasping for air in no time, but the feeling of accomplishment after completing it is unmatched.

The workout consists of 8 alligator push-ups, 12 TRX tricep extensions, 16 chest flys, 4 bear crawls, 20 head kicks, and 2 box jumps. Don’t let the small numbers fool you, this WOD is intense! You’ll need to keep pushing yourself to keep up with the clock and see how many rounds you can complete before time runs out.

Join Coach James today at 12pm at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, Ca. and give it your all. You won’t regret it!