SLO Grind

Get Ready to Feel the Burn with the “SLO GRIND” WOD!

Hey fitness enthusiasts, are you up for a workout that’s going to make you feel the burn in the best way possible? Well, get excited because Coach James has something special in store for you with the “SLO GRIND” WOD. This session isn’t about speed; it’s about controlled power and unwavering determination.

The “SLO GRIND” workout is all about taking your time to engage every muscle, feel every move, and make every second count. The warm-up itself is a generous 20 minutes, ensuring your body is primed and ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

The Tabata style routine, consisting of 1-minute rounds done twice, is designed to push your limits while maintaining that controlled pace. You’ll start with bag work, channeling your inner fighter as you throw punches, elbows, and hammer fists. Feel the adrenaline pump through your veins as you unleash your power.

Moving on to push-ups, jump squats, and interval crunches, you’ll find yourself in a rhythm that allows you to focus on form and precision. The key here is intensity – slow doesn’t mean easy. Each rep is an opportunity to strengthen not just your body, but your mindset too.

After a well-deserved water break, it’s back to the bag, this time focusing on kicks and knees. Ground and pound exercises, jump rope challenges, and everyone’s favorite, burpees, will keep your energy levels high and your determination even higher.

Join us today at 7 pm for the GRIT class with Coach Serra at the Academy of Self Defense. Get ready to embrace the “SLO GRIND” and discover the power of controlled intensity. Remember, it’s not about rushing through; it’s about owning every move and conquering it, one precise rep at a time.