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Catch the Speed with ‘SHIRTS & SKINS’: A Sprint-Packed WOD!”

Good morning, Santa Clara Sprinters!

Are you ready to channel your inner track star? “SHIRTS & SKINS” is not just a workout; it’s a race against yourself, a challenge to push harder, and a fun way to get your heart racing. Under the guidance of Coach Shayne, today’s GRIT class is all about speed, agility, and a little bit of playful competition.

Here’s Your Sprinting Itinerary:

  • Start with a 1 Sprint dash, setting the pace for what’s to come.
  • Drop for 10 Pushups, feeling the burn with each rep.
  • Back to a 1 Sprint, feeling faster already.
  • Leap into 15 Jump Lunges, powering up those legs.
  • Another 1 Sprint to keep the adrenaline high.
  • Take it up a notch with 20 Jump Squats for explosive power.
  • 1 Sprint again, because why not?
  • Keep the energy up with 25 High Knees.
  • Sprint once more, feeling like a champion.
  • Focus on the core with 30 Single Count Russian Twists.
  • Guess what? Yes, 1 more Sprint!
  • Finish strong with 35 Double Count Mountain Climbers.

Coach Shayne is there to cheer you on every sprint and every rep. Whether you’re in it to win it or just looking for a good time, “SHIRTS & SKINS” is your ticket to a fun, fulfilling workout.

So, tie those laces, and get ready for a midday blast of energy at the Academy of Self Defense at 12 pm. Let’s sprint, sweat, and smile our way through today’s workout!