WOD: PowerBlend Circuit

Blend Strength and Stamina with Today’s PowerBlend Circuit!

Hey Santa Clara Fitness Buffs!

Are you ready to blend some power into your morning? The ‘PowerBlend Circuit’ WOD is here, and it’s set to charge up your day. Join us at 10 am with Coach Shayne for a workout that’s a perfect mix of strength, endurance, and pure grit.

What’s in the PowerBlend?

  • Start with 25 KB Goblet Squats to fire up those leg muscles.
  • Keep the momentum with 25 KB Swings for a total body workout.
  • Then, take on 25 KB Lunges – feel the burn with each step.
  • Power through with 25 Clean & Press – a test of strength and endurance.
  • Engage your back and arms with 25 TRX Rows.
  • Mix it up with 25 4 Punch + 1 Burpee – a combo that packs a punch.
  • Finish strong with 25 V-Ups for a core-crushing finale.

Under Coach Shayne’s expert guidance, you’ll push your limits and discover new strengths. His passion for fitness and positive energy makes the PowerBlend Circuit not just effective but enjoyable too.

So, gear up and join us at the Academy of Self Defense. Let’s blend strength, speed, and stamina in a workout that’s as invigorating as your morning coffee!