Elevate Your Grit with ‘Overworked’ Tabata – GRIT Class of the Day!

Get ready to kick it into high gear with today’s GRIT class – ‘Overworked.’ Coach Shayne is here to guide you through a heart-pounding Tabata session that will leave you feeling invigorated and empowered.

The ‘Overworked’ Tabata WOD:

  • Ground & Pound / RH Kicks
  • Breath Ups / Sprawls
  • Push-Ups / Planks
  • Alt. Leg Lunges / Squat Hold
  • Power Punches / Skip Knees
  • Crunches / Side Crunches
  • Mt. Climber Arm / Mt. Climber Legs
  • Bicycles / Sit-Ups

Tabata is all about pushing your limits in short bursts, and ‘Overworked’ brings an exciting twist to the table. You’ll be switching between dynamic exercises that challenge your strength, agility, and endurance.

Join Coach Shayne Today:
📅 When: Today at 12 pm
🏢 Where: Academy of Self Defense, Santa Clara, CA
🚀 Who: Anyone ready to elevate their grit and embrace the burn!

Today’s class isn’t just about the sweat; it’s about the sense of accomplishment you’ll carry with you. Coach Shayne will keep the energy high and the motivation strong, ensuring you give it your all.

So gear up, hydrate, and join us for ‘Overworked’ Tabata. It’s time to show your grit and embrace the burn!