Nine Lives

Do you ever wish you had nine lives like a cat? Well, get ready to tap into your feline prowess and take on the challenging and exhilarating Nine Lives WOD at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara. Led by the energetic and motivating Coach Mike, this GRIT class is designed to push your limits and leave you feeling accomplished.

The Nine Lives WOD is a purrfectly balanced combination of strength, agility, and endurance exercises that will test your mettle. Each movement represents a life—a chance to prove your resilience and come out on top.

We begin with the Ab Roller, engaging your core and sculpting those abs. Nine repetitions will challenge your stability and build a solid foundation. Next up, Single Arm Swings—grab that kettlebell and unleash your power, one swing at a time.

Prepare to defy gravity with Deck Squats, a full-body exercise that requires coordination and strength. As you spring up from the floor, you’ll feel like you’re defying gravity just like a nimble cat. Then, it’s time to conquer Box Jumps, leaping fearlessly onto the platform with precision and confidence.

But wait, we’re not done yet! Get ready to unleash a barrage of roundhouse kicks, channeling your inner martial artist as you deliver 50 powerful kicks. Feel the rush of energy and let your kicks soar!

We continue our journey with Knuckle Push-Ups, building upper body strength and resilience. The TRX Pike challenges your core and shoulder stability as you raise your hips high and work those muscles. And of course, we can’t forget the Guard Punches—a chance to release your inner fighter and let those punches fly.

Climbing to new heights, it’s time for Chin-Ups—a true test of upper body strength and determination. As you pull yourself up, you’ll feel your muscles working in unison to conquer the challenge. And finally, we finish with 100 punches, releasing any lingering energy and giving it everything you’ve got.

Throughout the class, Coach Mike will provide guidance and motivation, pushing you to give your best and conquer the WOD. You’ll be surrounded by a supportive community of fellow feline enthusiasts, all striving to reach their fitness goals and have a blast while doing it.

So, join us today at 7pm for the Nine Lives WOD with Coach Mike. Embrace your inner cat, unleash your potential, and conquer the challenges that await you. The Academy of Self Defense is calling—let’s make it a night to remember!