New Years Resolution #24

Embrace Your Fitness Goals with ‘New Year’s Resolution #24’ WOD!

Happy New Year, Santa Clara Fitness Community!

Today at 7 pm, Coach Mike is set to invigorate your fitness journey with the ‘New Year’s Resolution #24’ WOD. This workout isn’t just a series of exercises; it’s a commitment to your new year’s fitness resolutions, wrapped in an energizing and challenging package.

Here’s Your Resolution Workout Blueprint:

  • Begin with 7 Knuckle Push-Ups – a twist on the classic for added intensity.
  • Power up with 20 Power Hooks, feeling the strength in each punch.
  • Dive into 7 Suitcase Deadlifts for a full-body engagement.
  • Charge through 20 Power Knees, boosting your cardio.
  • Pull strong with 7 TRX Rows for back and arm strength.
  • Deliver 20 Roundhouse Kicks to sharpen agility and power.
  • Challenge yourself with 7 Bulgarian Split Squats – perfect for leg day.
  • Jump into 20 Jump Squats for explosive lower body strength.
  • Engage your core with 50 Hip Thrusters.
  • Finish each set with 50 Straight Punches – fast, strong, and powerful.
  • And don’t forget the cherry on top: 1 Burpee after each set!

The workout is structured to be completed three times, ensuring you push your limits and start the year with a bang. Coach Mike’s motivating style and expert guidance will keep you going, turning each rep and set into a step towards your fitness goals.

So, grab your water, lace up those sneakers, and let’s make ‘New Year’s Resolution #24’ a testament to your dedication. Join us at the Academy of Self Defense and let’s make this workout a triumphant start to your year!