Shake It Up With “Margarita” – A Workout Cocktail You Can’t Resist!

Tonight at 7pm, the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, CA, invites you to blend fitness and fun with “Margarita,” a workout concocted by the one and only Coach Mike. Forget about your typical workout routine; “Margarita” is here to spice things up with a mix that’s as exhilarating as it is challenging.

Why “Margarita”?

Just like its namesake, this workout offers a blend of ingredients that cater to every taste. From power jacks to diamond push-ups, kettlebell tricep extensions, guard punches, hip dips, box jumps, snatch to windmill, kettlebell shoulder press, and a flavorful finish of 20 jab, cross, hook, kick combinations. It’s a full-body workout that promises to shake things up in your fitness regime.

The Perfect Blend of Fun and Challenge

  • Variety: With “Margarita,” you’re not just working out; you’re embarking on a fitness adventure that keeps you guessing and engaged.
  • Community: Share this fitness journey with a group of spirited individuals led by Coach Mike, who knows just how to keep the motivation flowing.
  • Expert Guidance: Coach Mike isn’t just a trainer; he’s your fitness bartender, mixing the perfect blend of exercises to get you in top shape.

Join Us for “Margarita” Tonight

Dare to try something different? “Margarita” at the Academy of Self Defense is your ticket to a fun-filled workout that doesn’t skimp on the challenge. Let’s get shaking!