Mad Max

Are you ready to push your limits and unleash your inner athlete? Then come join us for the Mad Max WOD in our GRIT class! Coach Mike will be leading the charge tonight at 7pm in Santa Clara, California, and it’s going to be an intense hour of non-stop action.

The Mad Max WOD is all about maximizing your reps in just one minute. You’ll be pushing yourself to the limit with a series of challenging exercises designed to test your endurance, speed, and strength. From four-punch sprawls and lateral ski hops to push-ups, box planks, box jumps, sit-up presses, and mountain climbers, this WOD has it all.

But don’t let the intensity scare you off. Our GRIT class is designed to help you push yourself to the next level, no matter your fitness level. Coach Mike is here to guide you through each exercise, ensuring that you’re performing each movement safely and with proper form. And with the support of your fellow athletes, you’ll be able to dig deep and find the strength to power through each rep.

So what are you waiting for? Come join us tonight and see what you’re capable of achieving with the Mad Max WOD. You won’t regret it!