If You Want Blood

Are you ready to rock and roll your way through an epic workout? Join Coach Serra at the GRIT class and experience the “If You Want Blood” WOD. This high-energy session will push your limits, get your heart pumping, and leave you feeling like a true rockstar. Get ready to sweat, have fun, and unleash your inner beast!

The “If You Want Blood” WOD is a heart-pumping, resistance run that will test your endurance and strength. This dynamic workout is designed to keep you moving, engage multiple muscle groups, and give you a rock-solid workout experience.

The journey begins with a skip rope warm-up, setting the tone for an adrenaline-fueled session. From there, you’ll dive into a series of exercises that will challenge your upper body, lower body, core, and cardiovascular fitness.

The workout includes a mix of exercises such as push-ups, combo punches with kicks, bag slams, rows, plank waves with battle ropes, goblet squats, crunches, and mountain climbers. Each exercise is carefully chosen to target different muscle groups and provide a full-body workout.

The “If You Want Blood” WOD also features a second round of skip rope and resistance run to bring the intensity to the next level. The combination of cardio, strength, and endurance exercises will leave you feeling exhilarated, accomplished, and ready to conquer anything.

Coach Serra will guide you through the WOD, providing motivation, technique cues, and modifications as needed. The GRIT class is a supportive and inclusive community where everyone is encouraged to push their boundaries and have a great time.

Join us today at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, Ca., and unleash your inner rockstar with the “If You Want Blood” WOD. It’s time to turn up the volume, sweat it out, and experience the power of a high-energy workout!