Hackleman Shuffle 100

Step Into the Groove with the ‘HACKLEMAN SHUFFLE 100’ WOD!

Fitness enthusiasts and movers of Santa Clara,

Are you ready to shuffle, hustle, and muscle your way through a workout that’s got more groove than a record player? It’s time for the “HACKLEMAN SHUFFLE 100”, a rhythm-infused AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) that’s sure to make your day.

Today’s Fitness Playlist:

  • 20 DB Walking Lunges that’ll have you strutting with strength.
  • 20 Situps to carve out those abs like the grooves on a vinyl.
  • 20 Jump Squats or Box Jumps for when you want to take the leap and land on the beat.
  • 20 4 Punch + 1 Sprawl to get that heart thumping to the tempo of tenacity.
  • And to cap off the track, 20 DB Shoulder Presses to lift your spirits as high as your goals.

Leading the dance is Coach Ilya, whose energy is as infectious as a catchy chorus. He’s here to make sure you hit every beat with precision and power.

So, lace up your sneakers for a 12 pm session at the Academy of Self Defense that promises to leave you breathless in the best way. Let’s shuffle our way to fitness with a smile on our faces and determination in our hearts!