Spice Up Your Evening with ‘PG-13’: A Workout with a Twist!

Hey Santa Clara Fitness Fans!

Are you ready to shake up your evening routine with something a little different? Tonight at 7 pm, Coach Mike is bringing ‘PG-13’ to the GRIT class, and trust us, it’s not what you think! This workout is packed with a variety of exercises designed to target different muscle groups, ensuring a balanced and engaging experience.

Dive into ‘PG-13’ and Discover:

  • Fire Hydrant R/L: These aren’t your average leg lifts. Targeting your glutes and hip abductors, they’re sure to add a little spark to your routine.
  • Incline and Decline Push-Ups: Challenge your upper body from different angles, boosting overall strength and endurance.
  • Goblet Squat: A full-body kettlebell move that emphasizes the lower body and core.
  • TRX Pike: An intense core exercise that also tests your stability and shoulder strength.
  • Hip Thrusters and Glute Bridge + Chest Press: A powerful combo to strengthen your glutes and chest simultaneously.

Each exercise in ‘PG-13’ is selected for its ability to engage multiple muscles and provide a well-rounded workout experience. Whether you’re looking to build strength, improve flexibility, or just have some fun, this workout has something for everyone.

Coach Mike’s expertise and encouragement will ensure you get the most out of every rep. You’ll leave the class feeling challenged, energized, and maybe even a bit surprised at what your body can do!

So, are you ready to add a little excitement to your workout