Gauntlet 2.1

Conquer the Gauntlet 2.1: AMRAP Adventure Awaits!

Hey there, fitness enthusiasts! It’s time to gear up for an exhilarating AMRAP challenge with the one and only “Gauntlet 2.1” WOD! Coach Serra is here to guide you through this epic circuit of heart-pumping exercises that will leave you feeling accomplished and ready to take on anything.

What’s the deal with “Gauntlet 2.1”? It’s simple: complete as many rounds as possible within the time frame and push your limits like never before. This WOD is the perfect blend of strength, endurance, and agility. Are you ready to face the gauntlet? Let’s dive in!

Bag Slams: Kick things off with 10 bag slams and release all that pent-up energy. You’ll feel like a force of nature in no time!

Skip Knees (Heavy Bag): 20 skip knees on the heavy bag will get your heart racing and those legs moving in no time. Feel the power in your every step!

Double Unders: Master those double unders and show off your jump rope skills. 20 reps will have you feeling like a jump rope pro!

Box Jumps: Spring into action with 20 box jumps. It’s time to conquer that box and land like a boss!

Push-up Burpees: Combine the best of both worlds with 10 push-up burpees. Get ready to feel the burn!

Mtn. Climber Burpees: Feeling adventurous? Try 10 mountain climber burpees for an extra challenge!

Renegade Rows: Strengthen that core and back with 20 renegade rows. You’ll feel like a powerhouse!

Ground & Pound: Unleash your inner fighter with 20 ground & pound reps. Show that bag who’s boss!

Squat Kicks: Power up with 20 squat kicks. Feel the strength in your legs as you kick high!

Push-up Punches: Amp up your push-ups with 10 push-up punches. Jab, cross, and push your way to success!

V-Up Roll-ups: Wrap up the challenge with 20 v-up roll-ups. Feel that core engage and conquer the final stretch!

Join us today at 7 pm in Santa Clara, CA, and conquer the “Gauntlet 2.1” WOD with Coach Serra. Get ready to level up your fitness game and have a blast along the way!