Climb Your Way to Peak Fitness with Our Dynamic Workout!

Welcome to an adventure that scales the heights of your fitness potential right here at the Academy of Self Defense in sunny Santa Clara, CA. “Climb” is not just a workout; it’s a journey through intensity, strength, and endurance. Every round, you add a new challenge, building up like the steps of a mountain until you reach the summit of your capabilities.

The Workout Expedition The “Climb” workout is ingeniously structured to push you further, one step at a time. It’s an eight-round ascent where each round introduces a new exercise to the sequence. Here’s what awaits you at each stage of the climb:

  • Round 1: Start with the explosive foundation of Burpees.
  • Round 2: Add Ballistic Rows to work those back muscles right after your burpees.
  • Round 3: Alternating Swings come next, keeping your heart rate up and engaging your core.
  • Round 4: T-Push Ups are introduced, challenging your stability and upper body strength.
  • Round 5: Goblet Squats join the mix, targeting your lower body for a deep burn.
  • Round 6: Triangle Press adds an overhead challenge, sculpting your shoulders.
  • Round 7: Low Lunges step in, testing your balance and endurance.
  • Round 8: Mountain Climbers cap it off, ensuring a high-energy finish with a full body engagement.

Why “Climb”? This workout mirrors the experience of climbing a mountain — starting with a single step and gradually adding more until you reach the peak. It’s designed to build not just physical strength but mental tenacity, as you push through the accumulating fatigue to complete each round.

Join Us for the Ascent Embark on the “Climb” workout at the Academy of Self Defense and discover what lies beyond your current fitness plateau. It’s a full-scale workout that promises full-body engagement, endurance, and the exhilarating sense of achievement that comes with reaching new heights.