Clean Up

Clean Up Your Fitness Routine with a High-Energy Circuit!

Welcome to a fresh start with our “Clean Up” workout at the Academy of Self Defense, where every squat, slam, and snatch is a step toward a stronger you. Located in the heart of Santa Clara, CA, we’ve crafted a routine that’s all about revitalizing your workout regime and sweeping away the cobwebs of any fitness plateau.

The Workout Blueprint The “Clean Up” workout is a meticulously designed circuit that promises to polish your fitness from head to toe. This high-energy routine combines strength, agility, and endurance, ensuring a comprehensive workout within a compact time frame. Here’s your action plan:

  • Goblet Squats (11 reps): Begin with a powerful lower-body move that primes your legs and core.
  • Bag Slams (8 reps): Unleash your power and let stress evaporate with each slam.
  • Deadlifts (11 reps): Strengthen your back, legs, and core with this foundational lift.
  • Renegade Rows (8 reps, double): Challenge your balance and build upper body strength.
  • Crunches (11 reps): Carve your core and sculpt abdominal muscles.
  • Snatch (8 reps): Boost power and explosiveness with this dynamic kettlebell move.
  • Hip Thrusters (11 reps): Target your glutes for strength and lift.
  • Clean (8 reps): Perfect your form and power with this total-body kettlebell technique.
  • Bicep Curls (11 reps, banded): Add resistance to shape and tone your arms.

Why “Clean Up”? This workout isn’t just about physical cleansing through sweat and exertion; it’s about mental clarity, focus, and the satisfaction of pushing through barriers. The varied exercises ensure that every muscle group gets attention, making you feel rejuvenated and energized. It’s a comprehensive cleanup of your fitness routine that leaves no stone unturned.

Ready to Dive In? Join us at the Academy of Self Defense for the “Clean Up” workout. It’s time to refresh, renew, and revitalize your fitness journey with a routine that’s as challenging as it is rewarding. Whether you’re aiming to break through a plateau or just looking to add some variety to your workouts, “Clean Up” is your ticket to a fitter, stronger you.