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Woman practicing punches in gym

What No One Tells You About Training in Krav Maga

One of the greatest joys of training in Krav Maga is encountering the unexpected. That first time someone walks into a dojo, they’re fairly sure they know what they’re there to learn. They’ve come to learn how to take names and kick butt, increase their physical fitness, possibly build some relationships. Those are all part […]

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woman defending herself against an attacker

Is Learning Self Defense Still Relevant?

We now live in an age of smartphones in our pockets and cameras seemingly everywhere. There’s a constant feeling that someone is watching, so is there really a need to have physical self defense skills anymore? The truth is that there is more to self defense than throwing someone to the ground or hitting an […]

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two boys sparring in martial arts class

Kids Learn Life Skills through Martial Arts

Though training in martial arts for kids looks like it’s about punching and kicking, it’s really about self confidence. More than ever before, kids live in a world where they are surrounded by screens that call out to be something different, to numb themselves with whatever content a marketer is placing in front of them. […]

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7 Benefits of Online Martial Arts Training

The old ways of doing things aren’t necessarily the best ways If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that old ways of doing things aren’t necessarily the best ways. That’s not to say that traditional martial arts training is not still valuable, but online martial arts classes have proven to be powerful and effective. Training […]

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Holistic Growth through Martial Arts

We are all looking for ways to level up our lives Figuring out how to access our potential, that’s the tough part. Martial arts is a pathway to a deeper sense of who we are because it’s grounded in our most fundamental relationship – the one we have with ourselves. People sometimes have the false […]

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There’s Not One Type of Martial Art That Beats All Others

Muay Thai Kickboxing class doing thai pad drills. When considering the different types of martial arts, it’s like a game of rock, paper, scissors. Each martial art has advantages and disadvantages against the others in complex ways. There isn’t really a best martial art to learn – each has unique characteristics that could draw an […]

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Why do something if you don’t love it?

Ever wonder what made Everest Pepper want to begin teaching in the first place? Listen to how your favorite instructor got started.

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How Ev Pepper Got Started in Martial Arts

Everest Pepper has been doing Martial Arts for over 47 years. Listen to how and why he got started….

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Vanguard Krav Maga Belt & Practitioner Test (9/28/2019)

Last Saturday, our students of Vanguard Krav Maga tested for their next Krav Maga Belt & Practitioner Certifications– and it was amazing!! All our students showed their Krav Maga skills, and their hard work and dedication has definitely paid off! There are 6 levels in the Vanguard Krav Maga Ranking System: Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, […]

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Univision 14 Bay Area visits the Academy of Self Defense

The Academy of Self Defense was featured on Univision 14! Check out the video below: Learning self defense could help you not be a victim of an attack. Given the recent reports of assaults on women in the Bay, an expert in self-defense explains what are the benefits of knowing this technique and thus protect […]

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