Ballers 100

Ballers 100: The Slam Dunk Workout at the Academy!

Hello, fitness trailblazers!

Are you ready to bounce, toss, and roll into one of the most exhilarating workouts we’ve ever designed? At the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, we’ve just whipped up the “Ballers 100”, and trust us, it’s nothing short of spectacular.

Here’s the lowdown on Ballers 100:

Equipment: We’re keeping it ball-centric! Grab your slam ball and medicine balls. Let the games begin!

The Workout Blueprint:

  • 100 Atlas Tosses: 50 for each shoulder – talk about an arm party!
  • 100 Med Ball Sit-Ups: Goodbye crunches, hello dynamic core strength.
  • 100 Med Ball Squats: Legs for days, anyone?
  • 100 Med Ball Push-Ups: A fresh twist to the classics. Upper body gains guaranteed!
  • 100 Toe to Med Ball Touches: 50 touches per leg. A balance and core combo to remember!
  • 100 Shoulder Press: Lift and shine!

Feeling the vibe? Then don’t miss out! This evening, at 7pm sharp, our charismatic Coach Johnson is set to guide you through every rep and set of the Ballers 100. His enthusiasm? Absolutely infectious!

The Academy of Self Defense isn’t just a space; it’s where your fitness narrative takes a new direction. Nestled in Santa Clara, CA, it’s where passion, sweat, and triumph converge.

So, what do you say? Lace up those trainers, gather your energy, and hop on over to the Academy. It’s time to channel your inner ‘baller’ and score big on fitness.

Catch you on the court… err, gym floor!