Bags and Burpees

Unleash Your Power with Whiskey WOD #44: Bags and Burps!

Are you ready to dive into a workout that’s as fun as it is intense? Today at 12pm, Coach James is bringing the heat with Whiskey WOD #44: Bags and Burps, and it’s all happening at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, CA. This unique session is designed to push your limits, challenge your stamina, and build your strength in ways you’ve never imagined.

The workout is a thrilling combination of high-intensity bagwork paired with the explosive power of burpees. Just when you think you can’t go any further, we’ll switch gears into a Kettlebell Flow with 45-second intervals, designed to keep your heart pumping while working on your agility and core strength. It’s the perfect balance of grit and technique, guaranteed to leave you feeling accomplished and energized.

Forget about your usual workout routine; it’s time to mix things up with Bags and Burps! Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just looking to step up your fitness game, this class is for you. So lace up your sneakers, grab your water bottle, and let’s make some noise. Because today, we’re not just working out; we’re making fitness fun again!