Baby Homer

baby HOMER AMRAP: Bringing Simpson-Style Fun to Your GRIT Workout!

Hello, GRIT enthusiasts! Are you ready for a workout that’s as fun as it is effective? Say hello to ‘baby HOMER’—an AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) session that’s as lively as Springfield itself!

Unveiling the baby HOMER WOD:

First things first, if you’re wondering about the ‘HOMER’ reference, yes, it’s a nod to our favorite Simpson, Homer Simpson! This workout is all about injecting a little Springfield-style zest into your fitness routine. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 20 KB Swings: Swing that kettlebell like you’re swinging a donut, Homer-style!
  • 100 Power Punches: Channel your inner boxer with a barrage of punches.
  • 20 KB Clean & Press: Lift and press that weight—just like lifting a Duff beer!
  • 100 Kicks: Kick up the energy; imagine you’re kicking those bowling pins!
  • 20 Decline Pushups: Get down and push up, as if you’re pushing buttons on a nuclear reactor.
  • 100 Knees: March in place, Homer-style, and keep that energy high!
  • 20 Sprawls: Finish strong with spralls that’ll leave you feeling victorious.

Join the GRIT Class:

  • When: Today at 10 am
  • Where: The Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, CA
  • Who: Coach Ilya and the GRIT community

Coach Ilya is ready to bring the Simpson-style fun to your workout. Don’t miss out on this playful and high-energy session!