Unleash Your Inner Fighter with the ALI Workout!

Ready to feel like a champ? Step into the ring—well, metaphorically—with the ALI workout. This is your chance to train like the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali. Coach Serra is here to lead you through three rounds of intense fitness fun.

Inside the ALI Workout:

Each round lasts one minute, alternating between boxing and dynamic bodyweight exercises. Get ready to float like a butterfly and sweat like a champ!

  • Round 1: Boxing – Float Like a Butterfly: Channel your inner Ali with jabs, hooks, and footwork that’ll make you feel like a true boxer.
  • Round 2: Squats – Power in Your Legs: Squat like a champ to build lower-body strength and agility. It’s all about developing those knockout legs!
  • Round 3: Boxing – Sting Like a Bee: Keep up the pace with another round of boxing. Your punches will be swift and your spirit fierce.
  • Round 4: HR PU – Push-Up Challenge: Drop and give Coach Serra some push-ups. This is where you build upper-body strength like a champ.
  • Round 5: Boxing – Ali Shuffle: Float and sting, just like Ali did in the ring. Your confidence and stamina will be through the roof.
  • Round 6: Cossack Squats – Unique Leg Work: These squats add flair to your leg day routine. You’ll be squatting like a champ in no time.
  • Round 7: Boxing – Precision Punches: Throw punches with precision and heart, just like a true fighter.
  • Round 8: Wipers – Core Control: This round targets your core strength, helping you move like a champ.
  • Round 9: Boxing – Final Round Fury: Finish strong with a final boxing round. You’re ending the workout like a champion.
  • Round 10: Active Hangs – Showcase Your Strength: Hang tough and raise those knees. It’s the grand finale!

Join Coach Serra Today:

  • When: Today at 12 pm
  • Where: Academy of Self Defense, Santa Clara, CA
  • Who: Anyone ready to train like a champ and feel like a legend!

Get ready to float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, and experience a workout inspired by the one and only Muhammad Ali. Coach Serra has your back, guiding you through this unforgettable fitness journey. The ALI workout isn’t just about exercise; it’s a tribute to greatness. Join us today at 12 pm, and let’s train like champions together!