Year of the Dragon

Unleashing the Power: Year of the Dragon Workout

Today, at 12pm, the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, CA, invites you to channel the strength and agility of the dragon with Coach Andrea. The “Year of the Dragon” workout is not just a fitness routine; it’s a journey through intensity, endurance, and sheer power, designed to challenge you and push your limits.

Ignite Your Inner Dragon: This workout is a fiery blend of discipline and might, featuring 5-minute rounds that alternate between targeted exercises and as many reps as possible (AMRAP) challenges. From goblet squats to thrusters, and a dynamic mix of burpees, bicep curls, box jumps, and martial arts handstrikes and kicks, every set is designed to test your mettle, improve your strength, and enhance your cardiovascular endurance.

The Dragon’s Path:

  • Start with 48 Goblet Squats to build lower body strength, followed by an AMRAP of burpees to get your heart racing.
  • Move on to 48 sit-ups to core strengthening, then switch gears with a combination of bicep curls and tricep presses.
  • 48 Reverse Lunges will challenge your balance and endurance, leading into an explosive AMRAP of box jumps.
  • Finish strong with 48 Thrusters, splitting the effort between each side of your body, before a final AMRAP round mixing handstrikes and kicks.

Join the Quest: Embrace the spirit of the dragon with Coach Andrea and conquer this beast of a workout. It’s more than exercise; it’s a celebration of what you can achieve when you set your mind to it. Let’s breathe fire into our fitness goals together!