Whiskey WOD 028: Dog Fight

Whiskey WOD #28: Soaring High with Coach James!

Ahoy, GRIT enthusiasts! It’s time to buckle up and join us for a dogfight in the skies – no, not the aviation kind, but a heart-pounding “Dog Fight” workout, Whiskey-style! 🐶✈️

Turkish Get Ups: To start, we’ve got 5 Turkish Get Ups. Picture this: Whiskey (our honorary coach in a red old baron airplane) guiding you through each move.

4 Punch & Sprawl: Follow that with 10 rounds of 4 Punch & Sprawl – channel your inner boxer and give it all you’ve got.

Deck Squats: 5 Deck Squats – as smooth as Whiskey’s flight, we hope!

Side Step-Out 3-Pulse Squats: Keep those legs moving with 10 Side Step-Out 3-Pulse Squats. Whiskey’s airplane doesn’t stay still, and neither do you!

3-Count Boxer Push-Ups: Get ready for 5 challenging 3-Count Boxer Push-Ups. Remember, it’s a dogfight out there!

Jumping Crane Kicks: Whiskey’s favorite, 10 Jumping Crane Kicks. Channel your inner martial artist and unleash your best kicks.

Snatchs: 5 Snatches – reach for the sky, just like Whiskey in that red old baron airplane.

Front Kick To Roundhouse: And finally, 10 Front Kicks To Roundhouse. Finish strong, just like our fearless canine coach.

Join Coach James today at 12 pm at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, CA. Let’s soar through this “Dog Fight” WOD together and have a barking good time!