Viking Strong

Embrace the Warrior Spirit with “Viking Strong” WOD

Unleash your inner Norse warrior and prepare to conquer your fitness goals with the “Viking Strong” Workout of the Day (WOD), only at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara. This WOD is a testament to the strength, endurance, and agility celebrated in our GRIT fitness program, offering a community-centric approach to group fitness classes that challenge and inspire participants of all levels.

“Viking Strong” is not just a workout; it’s a journey back to the age of Vikings, where strength wasn’t just for battle but for survival. With a focus on kettlebell movements, bodyweight exercises, and functional fitness, this workout is designed to build a warrior’s physique and mindset. Ready to raid? Let’s explore the components of the “Viking Strong” WOD.

Conquer the “Viking Strong” Workout

Each exercise in this WOD draws inspiration from the Viking ethos of resilience and might. Here’s what awaits you on this epic fitness voyage:

  • KB Viking Punch: Engage your core and upper body in a dynamic movement that simulates the power of a Viking warrior’s punch.
  • Bear Lat Pull: A ground-based movement that targets your back muscles, mimicking the action of pulling an oar through the water.
  • Viking Push Press: A powerful kettlebell move that works your shoulders and legs, preparing you to wield your shield in battle.
  • Swing to OH Lunge: Combine a kettlebell swing with an overhead lunge to challenge your coordination, balance, and strength.
  • Bag Slams: Unleash your fury on the bag with slams that build explosive power and relieve stress.
  • Sledges: Swing a sledgehammer with all your might, a nod to the Viking’s weapon of choice, to build arm and core strength.
  • Pike Push-Ups: Target your shoulders and upper chest with this bodyweight exercise, mimicking the action of climbing aboard a longship.
  • Face Pulls: Strengthen the muscles of your upper back and improve posture with an exercise that ensures you’re ready for any challenge, on or off the battlefield.

Tips to Triumph in “Viking Strong”

  • Warm-Up Thoroughly: Prepare your body for battle with a dynamic warm-up that increases your heart rate and loosens your muscles.
  • Focus on Form: Like a Viking mastering their weapon, focus on mastering the form of each exercise to maximize effectiveness and minimize injury.
  • Hydrate Like a Marauder: Keep water close at hand to stay hydrated throughout your raid.
  • Cool Down: After the conquest, stretch and cool down to aid recovery and keep your body in fighting shape.
  • Embrace the Warrior Spirit: Approach “Viking Strong” with determination and resilience. Push through the tough moments, and celebrate your victories.

Join the Horde

Ready to test your mettle with the “Viking Strong” WOD? The Academy of Self Defense invites you to join our ranks for a group fitness experience like no other in Santa Clara. Our GRIT program is designed to welcome warriors of all levels, offering support, motivation, and camaraderie. Visit to sign up for a free trial class and learn more about our community.

“Viking Strong” is more than a workout; it’s a call to unleash your potential, to face challenges head-on, and to forge a stronger, more resilient you. Will you answer the call?