Unleash Your Inner Warrior with the VATOS-AMRAP Workout!

If you’re looking for a workout that’s as exciting as it is effective, then the VATOS-AMRAP is here to deliver! This high-energy routine combines martial arts-inspired moves with classic strength-building exercises to create a fitness experience like no other.

VATOS (4 Punch Sprawl + Head Kick): Get ready to feel like a martial arts superstar! VATOS combines punches, sprawls, and head kicks to engage your entire body and boost your heart rate.

Box Jumps: Elevate your heart rate and challenge your legs with box jumps. They’re not just about height; they’re about conquering obstacles and pushing your limits.

Pull-Ups: Strengthen your upper body and build your back muscles with pull-ups. It’s the ultimate test of your upper body strength.

KB Swings: Kettlebell swings are a fantastic way to work on your posterior chain, improve your endurance, and build functional strength.

Burpees: Love them or hate them, burpees are the king of full-body workouts. They’re efficient, effective, and they’ll leave you feeling accomplished.

Wall Balls: Wall balls are excellent for building leg and core strength while also improving your coordination. Plus, there’s something satisfying about hitting a target!

V-Ups: Finish strong with V-ups, a core-strengthening exercise that will have your abs firing.

Join us today at 12 pm for the GRIT class with Coach Serra. Unleash your inner warrior and conquer the VATOS-AMRAP! It’s more than a workout; it’s an adventure.