TRiX are for Kids

Are you ready to tap into your inner child and have a blast while working out? The TRiX Are for Kids WOD at the Academy of Self Defense is designed to bring out your playful spirit while pushing your limits. Led by the energetic Coach Mike, this workout will leave you feeling invigorated and smiling from ear to ear.

The TRiX Are for Kids WOD starts with 12 TRX rows, a fantastic exercise for developing upper body strength and engaging your back muscles. Grab the TRX suspension straps, adjust the length, and lean back while pulling your body up towards your hands. Feel the burn and embrace the challenge!

Next up, it’s time to showcase your kicking skills with 30 roundhouse kicks. Swing your leg with power and precision, targeting your legs, hips, and core. Feel like a martial arts pro as you unleash your kicks, giving it your all.

The fun continues with 12 TRX knee tucks, an exercise that targets your abs and core. Engage your muscles as you bring your knees towards your chest while maintaining a strong plank position. Challenge your stability and control with each tuck.

Now it’s time to release your inner boxer with 30 power punches. Imagine yourself in the ring, throwing powerful punches with speed and accuracy. Feel the energy flow through your arms as you deliver each strike.

Keep the energy high as you move into 12 TRX jump squats. Explode into the air from a squat position, landing softly and immediately transitioning into the next jump. This exercise will elevate your heart rate while challenging your lower body strength.

The TRiX Are for Kids WOD continues with 30 body hooks, engaging your arms, shoulders, and core. Twist your torso and imagine punching a target to the side, feeling the muscles of your upper body working with each hook.

Next, shift your focus to the back of your shoulders with 12 TRX reverse flys. Lean back, extend your arms in front of you, and squeeze your shoulder blades together as you pull your body upwards. Strengthen your upper back and improve your posture with this exercise.

Feeling playful? Get ready for 30 two elbows plus knee strikes. Visualize a dynamic martial arts sequence as you deliver precise strikes with your elbows and knees. Engage your core and feel the power behind each movement.

Finally, wrap up the TRiX Are for Kids WOD with 12 TRX tricep extensions. Lean forward, grip the straps, and extend your arms straight behind you, focusing on your triceps. Feel the burn in the back of your arms as you complete each rep.

Join Coach Mike and the Academy of Self Defense community for the TRiX Are for Kids WOD. It’s a chance to let loose, have fun, and challenge yourself in a playful and supportive environment. Modify the exercises as needed and embrace the joy of movement as you work towards your fitness goals.