The Shining

Shine Bright with “The Shining” WOD

Welcome to a workout that lights up your fitness journey with a radiant challenge—introducing “The Shining” WOD from the Academy of Self Defense! Nestled in the heart of Santa Clara, our GRIT fitness program is renowned for its dynamic approach to group fitness, merging strength, endurance, and agility in a community-centric environment. Whether you’re a burgeoning fitness enthusiast or a seasoned pro, “The Shining” is designed to illuminate your path to peak physical condition, one kettlebell at a time.

This workout isn’t just about breaking a sweat; it’s about breaking barriers. Using two kettlebells with a 10lb difference, “The Shining” focuses on unilateral exercises that challenge your body evenly, ensuring balanced strength and agility. Ready to glow? Let’s dive into the details.

“The Shining” WOD Breakdown

Prepare to engage your entire body with a series of kettlebell movements designed to enhance your power, precision, and stability. Perform each exercise with the right side, then switch to the left, illuminating your path to symmetry and strength.

  • Kickstand Deadlifts: A fantastic exercise for targeting the hamstrings and glutes while engaging your core for stability.
  • Swing: Elevate your heart rate and work on your posterior chain, driving power from your hips.
  • Dead Clean: A compound move that boosts explosive power, transitioning smoothly into strength training.
  • Press: Focus on your shoulder strength and stability, a fundamental movement for upper body conditioning.
  • 3-Point Lunge: This dynamic lunge variation challenges your balance, coordination, and leg strength.
  • Clean, Squat, Press: A full-body powerhouse move that combines strength, agility, and endurance.
  • Waiter Carries: Improve your core stability and shoulder endurance while engaging in a functional movement that mimics everyday activities.

Tips to Shine in “The Shining”

  • Warm-Up Properly: Activate your muscles with a dynamic warm-up to prevent injury and enhance performance.
  • Mind Your Form: With kettlebells, form is paramount. Ensure you’re executing each movement with precision to maximize benefits and minimize risk.
  • Progress at Your Pace: Listen to your body. Adjust weights and modify movements to suit your fitness level.
  • Cool Down and Stretch: Dedicate time post-WOD for a cool down and stretching to aid recovery and flexibility.
  • Stay Hydrated: Keep water close by to stay hydrated throughout your workout, supporting overall health and performance.

Join Us for “The Shining”

Eager to experience “The Shining” WOD firsthand? The Academy of Self Defense offers a welcoming environment for all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes. Join us for a group fitness class in Santa Clara and discover the supportive community that makes our GRIT program shine. Visit to sign up for a free trial class and learn more about our offerings.

“The Shining” is more than just a workout; it’s a beacon of strength, resilience, and community. Illuminate your fitness journey with us and discover how bright you can shine. Are you ready to glow?