The Last Boy Scout

Elevate Your Fitness Game with “THE LAST BOY SCOUT” WOD

Welcome to a workout that redefines the boundaries of group fitness in Santa Clara! “THE LAST BOY SCOUT” is not just a Workout of the Day (WOD); it’s an adventure that tests your strength, agility, and teamwork. Designed by the innovative minds at the Academy of Self Defense, this workout is part of the GRIT fitness program, famed for its dynamic approach to improving physical and mental toughness through a supportive and motivating community atmosphere.

Whether you’re a fitness newcomer or a seasoned athlete, “THE LAST BOY SCOUT” WOD offers a unique challenge that caters to all levels. Let’s dive into what makes this workout a must-try for anyone looking to elevate their fitness routine.


This thrilling WOD is divided into two halves, each designed to target different aspects of fitness, from cardiovascular endurance to strength and coordination. Here’s a breakdown of the action-packed session:

1st Half: Partner Drills (10 minutes)

  • 25 Burpee with Ball Slam: A high-intensity move that combines cardiovascular, strength, and power training.
  • 25 Squat & Arch Toss (over cage): Perfect for building lower body strength and improving coordination.
  • 5 Sprints (down back wall): Boosts speed and cardiovascular endurance.
  • 25 Standing Wall Ball Oblique Spins: Targets the core, especially the oblique muscles, for improved stability and rotational power.

2nd Half: Strength and Technique

  • 10 TRX Pistol Squats/Leg: Enhances balance, flexibility, and unilateral leg strength.
  • MMA-Inspired Combos: Incorporating jab, cross, hooks, and kicks, these combos improve coordination, agility, and power.
  • 15 Right Elbow to Left Knee, 15 Left Elbow to Right Knee: Core-engaging exercises that promote abdominal strength and coordination.
  • 15 Hip Thrusters: Focus on glute activation and strength, crucial for overall lower body power.

Making It Your Own

“THE LAST BOY SCOUT” is designed to be adaptable, allowing participants to modify exercises to match their fitness level. No partner? No problem! You can adjust the partner drills for solo workouts or use a weighted bag instead of a ball for slams and tosses. The key is to keep moving, challenging yourself, and enjoying the process.

Success Tips

  • Stay Hydrated: Keep water on hand to stay hydrated, especially important during high-intensity sessions.
  • Proper Warm-Up and Cool Down: Essential for preparing your body for the workout and aiding in recovery afterward.
  • Form First: Focus on maintaining proper form to get the most out of each exercise and avoid injury.
  • Engage with the Community: Share your experience, tips, and progress on social media. Tag @AcademySelfDefense and use #GRITWOD to connect with fellow fitness enthusiasts.

Take the Next Step

Inspired to try “THE LAST BOY SCOUT” WOD? Join us at the Academy of Self Defense for a group fitness class that goes beyond the ordinary. Sign up for a free trial class and discover a community that supports your fitness journey every step of the way. Check out our website at for more information on upcoming events and programs.

“THE LAST BOY SCOUT” is more than a workout; it’s an opportunity to push your limits, discover your strength, and join a community of like-minded individuals. Are you ready to make your mark? Let’s get started!