Sumo AMRAP: A Morning Boost with Coach Andrea

Good morning, fitness enthusiasts! Today’s workout is about channeling your inner sumo wrestler with a series of moves designed to test your strength, endurance, and agility. Coach Andrea is taking the lead on Zoom at 10 am, promising a session that’s both challenging and incredibly rewarding.

What’s on the Menu? The “Sumo” workout is a timed AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) session focusing on:

  • Sumo Squats: Dive deep into those squats for lower body strength.
  • Alt Rotational Press: Work those shoulders with a twist.
  • Rev Lunge to Knee Drive L/R: Get your heart pumping and legs burning.
  • Push-Up to KB Drag: A dynamic move for core stability and upper body strength.
  • Alt KB Row: Target your back and biceps with precision.

Why You Should Join:

  • Full Body Workout: Engage every muscle group for a comprehensive fitness boost.
  • Accessible from Anywhere: Zoom in from home, the park, or even your office.
  • Community Spirit: Feel the support of your fellow workout warriors, even virtually.

Embrace the Day with Energy This workout is your ticket to starting the day with positivity and power. Whether you’re a morning person or not, Coach Andrea’s energy is contagious. So, grab your kettlebell, find a comfy spot, and let’s make those sumo moves count!