Running Wild

Unleash Your Energy with ‘Running Wild’: Today’s Whiskey WOD Challenge!

Hello, Santa Clara Fitness Warriors!

Get ready to unleash your inner powerhouse with today’s ‘Running Wild’ Whiskey WOD at 12 pm, led by the one and only Coach James. This workout is not just an exercise routine; it’s a celebration of agility, strength, and endurance. Let’s dive into what makes ‘Running Wild’ a must-try workout!

‘Running Wild’ Breakdown:

  • 20 2-Count Mountain Climbers: Kick off with a heart-pumping start that targets your core and shoulders.
  • 6 Long Jump Burpees: Add a twist to your burpees with a leap, challenging your explosive power.
  • 20 2-Count High Knees: Keep the cardio going with high knees to drive up your heart rate.
  • 8 4-Punch Combo w/ Kick Finisher: Blend agility and coordination with a dash of martial arts flair.
  • 20 2-Count Bicycles: Strengthen your core with this classic exercise.
  • 10 4-Punch & Sprawl: A mix of boxing and a dynamic movement for a full-body challenge.
  • 3 Sprints: Finish strong with short, sharp bursts of all-out speed.

‘Running Wild’ is designed to push your limits and ignite your fitness passion. Each exercise is carefully chosen to provide a balanced workout that will enhance your cardio fitness, muscular strength, and overall stamina.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just looking to add some variety to your fitness routine, ‘Running Wild’ offers a thrilling challenge for everyone. Coach James’ energy and expertise will guide you through each exercise, ensuring you get the most out of your workout.

So, are you ready to run wild? Join us at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara for an unforgettable fitness experience. Let’s sweat, smile, and soar to new fitness heights together!