Run & Gun

Get Ready to Blaze the Trail with ‘Whiskey WOD #36: Run & Gun’!

Hello, Santa Clara Speedsters!

Today at noon, it’s time to set the track on fire with ‘Whiskey WOD #36: Run & Gun’. This workout isn’t just about pushing the pace; it’s about igniting your inner athlete in a blaze of glory.

Here’s What’s on the Track:

  • Start with Sprints to get your heart racing faster than a shooting star.
  • Transition into BurnOuts for that muscle-screaming joy.
  • Back to Sprints to keep the adrenaline pumping.
  • Calisthenics for a dash of dynamic movement and body control.
  • More Sprints because, well, why not?
  • Then, it’s time for More BurnOuts – because once is never enough!
  • More Sprints to push the limits of your speed.
  • Followed by a focus on Core to build strength where it counts.
  • And finally, Butt Stuff to round out the workout with some targeted lower body sculpting.

Coach James is at the helm, ready to guide you through this whirlwind of a workout. His expertise will ensure you’re sprinting, jumping, and burning out with the best form and intensity.

So, lace up those running shoes and join us at the Academy of Self Defense at 12 pm. Let’s make ‘Run & Gun’ a workout to remember – fast, furious, and fantastically fun!