Savor the Strength: Dive into the ‘Panettone’ WOD!

Hey Santa Clara fitness enthusiasts!

Tonight, we’re cooking up something special at the Academy of Self Defense – the ‘Panettone’ WOD with Coach Mike! Just like the rich, sweet Italian bread, this workout is layered with a variety of exercises designed to add flavor and zest to your fitness regime.

Here’s Your Recipe for Fitness:

  • Start with 6 Pull-Ups to get those muscles warmed up.
  • Move into 8 Wrestler Sit Outs for agility and core strength.
  • Grab those weights for 10 Bent Over Rows, targeting the back and arms.
  • Show off your combo skills with 6 4-Punch + Kick routines.
  • Power up with 8 KB Snatches, great for explosive strength.
  • Twist into action with 10 Russian Twists for a core challenge.
  • Keep the energy high with 6 Squat and Curls – feel every muscle engage!
  • Dive into 8 Sprawls for a full-body blast.
  • Finish strong with 10 KB Cleans to polish off this dynamic set.

Coach Mike is like your personal fitness chef, perfectly blending each exercise for a workout that’s as challenging as it is enjoyable. His guidance and encouragement will ensure you get the most out of each rep and set.

So, lace up those shoes and join us at 7 pm today. Let’s turn this evening into a ‘Panettone’ party of fitness – where we sweat, we smile, and we strengthen together!