Nitty Gritty

Get down and dirty with the Nitty Gritty WOD! This workout is designed to push you to your limits, both mentally and physically. With a combination of high-intensity cardio and strength training exercises, you’ll be challenged to perform at your best. The two-round circuit format, with one minute of work followed by a minute of rest, will keep your heart rate elevated and your muscles engaged. Get ready to sweat, push yourself to new limits, and feel great after conquering the Nitty Gritty WOD!

If you’re looking for a challenging workout that will push you to your limits, look no further than the Nitty Gritty WOD at the Academy of Self Defense. Join Coach Serra for this high-intensity workout that combines cardio and strength training exercises. With two rounds of one-minute sets, you’ll be challenged to perform at your best and push yourself to new limits. Don’t miss out on the chance to tackle this tough workout and feel great afterwards!