Long Time No See

Reunite with Fitness: Dive into the ‘Long Time, No See’ WOD!

Hey fitness family!

Missed us? We’re back with a bang, bringing a workout that’s going to make your reunion with fitness feel like a celebration! Introducing the “Long Time, No See” WOD as part of our Whiskey WOD series.

What’s in store? In this AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) session, you’re going to get reacquainted with some old favorites and meet some new challenges:

  • Begin with 5 PITMasters, a powerful blend of burpees and box jumps.
  • Feel the rhythm with 50 2-Count Rope Waves.
  • Elevate your energy with 15 Jump Squats, 20 Curls, and 20 Side Kicks.
  • Work those shoulders with 15 Straight Arm Shoulder Raises.
  • And unleash your power with a whopping 500 Punches.

And who better to guide you through this epic reunion than Coach James? He’s here to motivate, challenge, and ensure that every move you make counts.

Join us today at 12 pm at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, Ca. Let’s make this session a powerful reminder of why fitness is not just a routine but a celebration of what our bodies can achieve.

See you there, ready to make every moment count!