Last Call

Team Up for the ‘LAST CALL’ WOD – A Triplet AMRAP Challenge!

Hello, Santa Clara Fitness Community!

Are you ready for an epic workout that combines teamwork, energy, and a whole lot of sweat? Welcome to the ‘LAST CALL’ WOD! Today at 12 pm, Coach Serra is bringing you a trio of mini AMRAPs (As Many Reps As Possible) in teams of three. It’s all about collaboration, pushing limits, and, most importantly, having a blast!

Your Teamwork Test Awaits:

  • Round One: Start with 50 KB Floor Press, 50 HR (Hand Release) Push-Ups, and 50 Shoulder Taps. This round is all about upper body strength and coordination.
  • Round Two: Get ready for 50 Hang Clean Squats, 50 Dead Cleans, and 50 Sprinter-ups. It’s a perfect blend to challenge your lower body and agility.
  • Round Three: Finish strong with 50 PP (Push Press), 50 PK (Power Kicks), and 50 Plank Punches. This is where you summon your remaining energy for a grand finale.

In each AMRAP, you and your teammates will work together, dividing and conquering the reps. Coach Serra’s expertise will guide your team through strategies and form, ensuring you make the most out of every move.

So, rally your workout buddies or join a team at the Academy of Self Defense. Let’s make ‘LAST CALL’ a workout to remember – filled with teamwork, triumph, and a ton of fun!