Looking for a high-energy workout that will get your heart racing and your blood pumping? Look no further than the Kickboxer WOD at GRIT! This intense workout is perfect for anyone looking to challenge themselves and take their fitness to the next level.

The Kickboxer WOD is a 100-rep challenge that will test your stamina, strength, and endurance. You’ll start off with 100 jab and cross combos, followed by 80 RH kicks, and 60 hook and elbow strikes. From there, you’ll move on to 40 side kicks, 20 boxer-ups, sitting punches, and rainbow raises over the bag, and finish off with 10 knee strikes.

But don’t let the challenge intimidate you! The expert coaches at GRIT will be there to guide you through the workout, providing modifications and support along the way. Plus, the class environment is designed to be supportive and encouraging, so you can push yourself to your limits and achieve your fitness goals.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Kickboxer WOD at GRIT today and experience the ultimate in high-intensity, full-body workouts!