Kettle Hell 3

Join the Kettle Hell III: A Fiery WOD That Will Ignite Your Fitness!

Hey there, fitness enthusiasts! Looking for a WOD that’s as hot as molten lava? Look no further, because “Kettle Hell III” is here to set your fitness goals ablaze at the Academy of Self Defense!

So, what’s the sizzling scoop on “Kettle Hell III”? Let’s dive in:

Warmup: Start your journey into the fiery depths of “Kettle Hell III” with a dynamite warmup! Get those muscles fired up and ready to conquer the challenges ahead.

Rules of the Hellish Game: Embrace the heat by using the same kettlebell for all weighted moves. A medium bell is recommended to keep the intensity hot without making a mess all over the mat!

Overhead Walking Lunges: Feel the burn in those quads and glutes as you take powerful lunges with the kettlebell overhead. Talk about elevating your leg day game!

High Knees: Get your heart pounding and your sweat dripping with a series of high knees that will leave you feeling the heat.

Front Kicks (Single Count): Channel your inner martial artist and unleash fiery front kicks, counting each kick as you light up your core.

Reverse Crunch into Sit Up: Engage those abs and rock your way to a stronger core with this fantastic combo move. You’ve got this!

Goblet Squats: Feel the inferno in your thighs as you squat with the kettlebell close to your chest. Keep that form on point!

Power Punches (Single Count): Embrace the spirit of a champion boxer and throw those power punches, counting each punch as you reignite your upper body strength.

Overhead Tricep Extensions: Strengthen those triceps as you lift the kettlebell overhead and show them who’s boss!

Join us today at 7pm for “Kettle Hell III” with our incredible Coach Johnson. Are you ready to embrace the heat and take your fitness journey to the next level? Don’t miss this sizzling opportunity to challenge yourself and have a blast with an amazing fitness community. We’ll see you there!