KB EZ Day #2

KB EZ Day 2: Swing, Lift, and Laugh Your Way to Fitness!

Hello, GRIT enthusiasts! It’s time to kick off KB EZ Day 2, where fun meets fitness in an unforgettable way. Join Coach Johnson at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, CA, for a workout that will leave you smiling.

KB Swings (15x): We’re starting with 15 KB Swings, the exercise that’ll have you feeling like a champ as you swing your way to strength and endurance.

KB Deadlifts (15x): Next up, we have 15 KB Deadlifts. Lift those kettlebells with a grin; you’re getting stronger with each rep!

KB Sit-Ups (10x): Time for 10 KB Sit-Ups. Imagine it as a fun way to meet your core and make it stronger, one laugh at a time.

KB Deck Squats (5x): Now, let’s tackle 5 KB Deck Squats. Rise and shine with each squat – you’re the star of this fitness show!

Double Burpees (5x): We’re wrapping things up with 5 Double Burpees. Jump, laugh, and conquer these burpees; you’re unstoppable!

Join Coach Johnson today at 7 pm and let’s make fitness a joyous journey. KB EZ Day 2 at the Academy of Self Defense is where you’ll find laughter, sweat, and smiles – the perfect combination!