Hot August Fights

Get Fired Up with Hot August Fights – Join the Thrilling WOD!

Hey there, fitness fanatics! Are you ready to turn up the heat on your workout routine? Look no further than the Hot August Fights WOD at the Academy of Self Defense. Coach Serra is bringing the intensity, and trust us, this WOD is one for the books!

Hot August Fights is all about pushing your limits, igniting your strength, and having a blast while doing it. With 2 rounds of heart-pumping action, you’ll be sweating, smiling, and feeling like a champion.

So, what can you expect from this exhilarating WOD? Let’s dive in and get you hyped:

  1. Dummy Flips: Embrace your inner strongman (or woman) and flip those dummies like a pro!
  2. KB Rotational Press: Power up those shoulders with rotational kettlebell presses – a dynamic twist on traditional presses.
  3. Double Unders: Show off your jump rope skills with double unders and feel the burn.
  4. Box Jumps: Get ready to jump to new heights and conquer those boxes!
  5. High Pull Swings: Swing your way to stronger hips and glutes with high pull kettlebell swings.
  6. Mt. Climber Arms: Channel your inner mountain climber and work those arms with this challenging move.
  7. Sledges: Unleash your power with sledgehammer strikes – a total body workout that feels empowering.
  8. Power Punches: Throw those punches with confidence and let out your inner fighter.
  9. Power Kicks: Kick your way to a stronger lower body – it’s time to unleash those powerful kicks.
  10. Boxer-Ups: Wrap up the WOD with boxer-ups, a combination of punches and push-ups that’ll leave you feeling like a champion.

Join us today at 12 pm in Santa Clara, CA, and let Coach Serra lead you through the Hot August Fights WOD. All levels are welcome, and you’ll leave the class feeling like a true warrior – strong, empowered, and ready to take on anything!