Fixer Upper

Revamp Your Workout with the Fixer-Upper WOD: Build Strength and Sculpt Your Body

Are you ready to give your fitness routine a makeover? Join Coach Andrea at the GRIT class and experience the transformative power of the Fixer-Upper WOD. This timed AMRAP workout is designed to challenge your muscles, increase your endurance, and leave you feeling accomplished. Get ready to revamp your workout and build the strength and sculpted physique you’ve always desired!

Body: The Fixer-Upper WOD is a dynamic and engaging workout that targets multiple muscle groups using single and double KB/DB exercises. The session begins with push presses, an effective compound movement that engages your shoulders, triceps, and core. As you elevate your heart rate, you’ll transition into rows to strengthen your back and improve posture.

Next up is the front raise, a fantastic exercise for sculpting your shoulders and building upper body strength. You’ll then move into curls to target your biceps and achieve those defined arms you’ve been working towards. The upright row follows, working your deltoids, traps, and upper back.

To sculpt and tone your triceps, the Fixer-Upper WOD incorporates tricep extensions, which will help you achieve sleek and strong arms. Push-ups come next, engaging your chest, shoulders, and triceps while challenging your core stability. The workout concludes with chest presses, working your pectoral muscles and completing the full upper body workout.

Throughout the entire session, Coach Andrea will provide expert guidance and motivation to push you beyond your limits. Her enthusiasm and knowledge will inspire you to give it your all and achieve remarkable results. The GRIT class offers a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and reach their fitness goals.

Join us today at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, Ca. for the GRIT class with Coach Andrea. It’s time to revamp your workout, challenge your body, and sculpt the physique you’ve always desired. Don’t miss out on the transformative power of the Fixer-Upper WOD!