Fancy Boy Whiskey Dog

Embrace the ‘Fancy Boy’ Whiskey Dog Challenge Today!

Hello, Santa Clara Warriors!

Get ready to add some fancy footwork to your fitness routine with today’s “Whiskey WOD #38: Fancy Boy Whiskey Dog”! Led by Coach James, this TABATA/EMOM workout is a thrilling blend of energy, strength, and a touch of whimsy.

Warm-Up to Win:

  • We’re kicking off with a WarmUp Tabata that’s anything but ordinary.
  • Dive into Plank Taps – Push Ups for a core and upper-body wake-up call.
  • Transition into Cross Body V’s – Flutter Kicks to target those abs.
  • Then, get your legs in on the action with Jump Squats – Squat Holds.
  • Keep the momentum with Russian Twists – Wipers for a full-core challenge.
  • Finish strong with Clean & Press – Deck Squats to get every muscle fired up.

The Main Event – Fight Gone Wrong:

  • This part of the workout is where things get even more exciting. Coach James will guide you through a series of exercises that will challenge your endurance, strength, and grit. Expect the unexpected!

With Coach James at the helm, you’re in for a workout that’s as enjoyable as it is challenging. His expertise and infectious energy make every jump, squat, and press something to look forward to.

So, join us at the Academy of Self Defense at 12 pm today. Let’s tackle “Fancy Boy” with a smile and a spirit that says we’re ready for anything. Today, we’re not just working out; we’re making fitness fun!