Fall Back-Spring Forward

Embrace the Seasonal Shift with ‘Fall Back-Spring Forward’ WOD!

Hey there, Santa Clara!

As the leaves turn and the clocks reset, it’s the perfect time to reflect that change in your workout regime. That’s why today’s WOD is aptly named “Fall Back-Spring Forward” – a sequence of exercises designed to make you as resilient as the seasons.

The Workout Rundown:

  • Start with 5 Glover Sprawls that’ll have you bouncing back faster than daylight savings.
  • Leap into 10 Box Jumps to raise your spirits and your heart rate.
  • Balance and power come together with 5 KB Reverse Lunges.
  • Cover ground with 10 Broad Jumps, feeling that forward momentum.
  • Get technical with 5 KB Snatch to Windmill – a full-body engagement.
  • Then, it’s a challenge of agility and core with 10 TRX Pikes.
  • Hit the mats for 5 Wrestler Sit Outs to keep the agility going strong.
  • And finally, target everything with 10 Wall Balls to finish off strong.

And who’s going to be your timekeeper through this session? Coach Mike, with his unparalleled energy and expertise, ensuring you fall back into good habits and spring forward in your fitness goals.

So, join us at 7 pm today at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara. Let’s make every rep count, every jump higher, and every sprawl quicker. Change is here, and it starts with you!