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boy running for exercise in forest in winter

Whole Kid Health Starts with Movement

Sitting still is tough for a lot of kids, but too often today we see that kids want to sit still in front of screens rather than get up and move around. It’s not a new problem, but it is one that every parent is familiar with. It’s one of the great benefits of martial […]

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woman defending herself against an attacker

Krav Maga: Necessary for Self-Defense?

We now live in an age of smartphones in our pockets and cameras seemingly everywhere. There’s a constant feeling that someone is watching, so is there really a need to have physical self defense skills anymore? The truth is that there is more to self defense than throwing someone to the ground or hitting an […]

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two boys sparring in martial arts class

Kids Learn Life Skills through Martial Arts

Though training in martial arts for kids looks like it’s about punching and kicking, it’s really about self confidence. More than ever before, kids live in a world where they are surrounded by screens that call out to be something different, to numb themselves with whatever content a marketer is placing in front of them. […]

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Ev Pepper Talks About the ASD Youth Self Defense & Fitness Program

Top 5 Benefits of Self-Defense Training for Kids Self-defense training is more than just learning how to fight; it’s about building a foundation for a healthier, safer, and more confident future for children. Here are five key benefits condensed into a concise overview. 1. Boosts Confidence Learning self-defense techniques empowers kids with confidence. This self-assurance […]

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