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Escrima: Stick & Knife

We are so excited about the Escrima curriculum that Everest Pepper, Chief Instructor at ASD, is putting together. Here he talks about using a stick and a knife simultaneously. While these are advanced techniques, this is something we can all look forward to! Watch some Advanced Escrima Techniques Benefits of Practicing Escrima

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Escrima Lesson 1: Fundamentals

Everest Pepper, the Chief Instructor of Krav Maga, at the Academy of Self Defense, goes over some basic fundamentals of the Escrima system that we will be teaching soon. Watch Escrima Fundamentals Discover Escrima: The Dynamic Martial Art of the Philippines Welcome to the world of Escrima, a fascinating and dynamic martial art that hails […]

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Introduction to Escrima at ASD

In the beginning of the year, ASD decided to start building the curriculum for our program that was supposed to launch the beginning of March, but the start of the program was delayed due to the current state of affairs. Even though we can’t have classes, we would still like to share the footage that […]

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