Be Good

Conquer the BE GOOD WOD.

A Journey of Strength and Endurance Introduction: Join Coach Serra at the GRIT class today for an exhilarating workout that will challenge your limits and leave you feeling accomplished. The BE GOOD WOD combines a variety of exercises designed to test your strength, endurance, and mental toughness. Get ready to push yourself and discover what you’re capable of!

Body: In the BE GOOD WOD, you’ll embark on a fitness adventure that will have you swinging kettlebells, rowing for calories, lunging with a weight overhead, unleashing powerful kicks, engaging your core with ab roller exercises, mastering pistol squats, performing push-ups, and sprinting through 2-lot laps. Each exercise is carefully chosen to target different muscle groups and push your body to new heights.

This WOD is all about challenging yourself and pushing past your limits. It’s about embracing the journey of self-improvement and discovering the strength within you. Coach Serra will guide you through the workout, providing motivation and support every step of the way. Together, you’ll conquer the BE GOOD WOD and leave the class feeling accomplished and empowered.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to test your physical and mental strength. Join us today at the GRIT class and let the BE GOOD WOD ignite your inner fire!