Abs-olutely All The Abs

Embark on the Ultimate Adventure: Abs-olutely All The Abs with Coach James!

Today at noon, the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, CA, invites you to embark on an unparalleled adventure: “Abs-olutely All The Abs” (Whiskey WOD #47)—and yes, Whiskey is the name of Coach James’s dog, our fearless leader in this journey! This isn’t just any workout; it’s a quest for strength, endurance, and the kind of abs that adventurers dream of. With Coach James at the helm, you’re in for a voyage across the high seas of fitness, where each set promises new challenges and treasures.

The Map to Treasure:

  • Ab Set: Discover the lost islands of core strength.
  • Arms: Navigate the treacherous waters of arm endurance.
  • Legwork: Trek through uncharted territories, where every lunge and squat brings you closer to legendary leg power.
  • Shoulders: Scale the peaks of shoulder resilience.
  • Bagwork: Face the dragons of the deep, punching and weaving your way to victory.
  • BUTTIOUS MAXIMUS: Unearth the ancient ruins of glute greatness.