4 x 4 WOD: Elevate Your Workout with Coach Shayne’s High-Energy GRIT Class!

Get ready to rev up your workout game with the electrifying “4 x 4” WOD in our invigorating GRIT class, guided by the dynamic Coach Shayne. This session is all about intensity, variety, and pushing your limits in the most fun way possible.

The workout starts strong with pull-ups and walk-out push-ups, targeting your upper body and core muscles. These exercises set the tone for an energetic and engaging session that will leave you feeling accomplished.

Jump squats and 4 punches + sprawl keep the energy high as you work on explosive power and full-body engagement. The pendulum lunges, paired with 4 RH kicks + backfall, enhance your lower body strength and coordination.

The heart of the “4 x 4” WOD lies in the challenging sequence of 16 single arm clean + press, 16 single arm rows, and 16 Turkish get-ups. These movements provide a comprehensive workout for your entire body, leaving no muscle group untouched.

Join Coach Shayne for this high-intensity GRIT class today at 12 am. It’s not just about the exercises—it’s about pushing your limits, trying new moves, and embracing the burn with a smile. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your fitness journey and feel the energy of the “4 x 4” WOD.