Top 3 Daily Fitness Benefits

Young Blonde Woman smiling carrying a kettlebell in a racked position

We live in an age where everything is “go, go, go”. With one obligation follows another. Texts, calls, emails, and so on. By the end of the day, we’re exhausted and counting down the days to the weekend.

Oftentimes our days can feel exhausting and drawn out, but by incorporating exercise into our daily lives, it can give us the energy we need everyday along with many other incredible long term benefits.

Here are three reasons why you should be incorporating fitness into your daily schedule.

3 Reasons to Incorporate Fitness Into Your Daily Schedule

Like many things in our lives, consistency is where we see the real benefits and fitness is a true example to this. While physical activity controls weight and can increase muscle mass, consistent physical activity will reduce the likelihood of developing certain health conditions and diseases.

Physical activity and exercise cause many effects in the body including delivering oxygen and nutrients to tissues, boosting HDL cholesterol levels (the “good” cholesterol), and decreasing unhealthy triglycerides.

This pristine physiological combination keeps your blood moving smoothly, improving heart and lung health, consequently decreasing risks for cardiovascular diseases. Along with cardiovascular health, consistent exercise improves cognitive function within the brain and actually can lower risk of death from all causes.

Some of the many health risks that exercise can reduce include:

  • Types of cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Stroke

Whether your current goal of working out is to lose weight, become stronger, or to gain a new skill like self defense at ASD, your body will thank you down the road. 

Mentally, your body loves to get active. Every time you engage in physical activity , your brain releases a boost of serotonin, a chemical messenger meant to act as a mood stabilizer. Serotonin, along with various other chemicals in your brain can give you a significant emotional lift, leaving you feeling happier, more relaxed, less stressed. Like engaging in your favorite self-care activities at home, your mind will enjoy exercise just the same.

In the short term, your daily training regimen will create a great start to the day and even de-stress after a stressful one. But the long term is where the real benefits come in. By engaging in that exercise consistently, your body will continue to release those chemicals daily, putting you in a better mood at the end of every workout, at home or in the gym. That daily boost of serotonin will stabilize your mood and can correlate to improved mental health over time.

Psychologically your mood will improve as well. As you begin to exercise regularly, you may begin to feel better about your appearance. Just by knowing that you are maintaining a consistent fitness or training regime, this can boost your confidence and self-esteem immensely, whether you are seeing a difference in the mirror or not.

Whether your day at work was simple or stressful, consistently engaging in physical activity can play a large part in a more positive mood and overall improved mental health.

While daily exercise has its physical and mental perks, it can also be a great outlet to connect with friends and family. Group gyms and training classes can even be an opportunity to be introduced to new peers who enjoy the same physical activities as you. Your group workout can be a chance to get active yet de-stress at the same time with friends.

The Academy of Self Defense offers various group gym classes where friends and family can sweat and unwind together. From beginner fitness classes or beginner boot camps to group self defense or combat classes, you and your friends can socialize and spend time by learning how to fight together.

Beginning a fitness routine can be difficult and sticking with it is even harder for some. Finding the motivation to push yourself and to make time everyday to do that requires work and discipline, even for the athletes and the pros. But the short and long term benefits are just too good to pass up. Even just 30 minutes a day can reduce health risks while your mind and body improve and grow stronger every day. You got this!


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